Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It was time once again for us to return to Colorado. Every 6 months, whether we like it or not, we go back: for family, friends, doctors, dentists and storage. OK, we got 4 out of 5 this visit. We love Colorado, and still call it home, even if our licences say Texas. This time around, we had set a goal: eliminate our storage. Storage costs are wasted money, and it's been almost 2 years now since we've been on the road.

Prior to getting back, we ordered an 8' x 10' shed from Costco. It was waiting for us at Todd and Victoria's when we arrived. I put it together, and we set out for our storage place in Castle Rock. We had rented a 15' x 45' unit when were selling our home, and, even after selling and donating, it was brim full from top to bottom when we left in January of 2007. Every trip back, we sell some stuff on craigslist, donate a whole bunch to local charities, and then still moan and groan about how much we have. This was to be the visit where it all went away, except for the small shed at Todd's. The usual stuff happened - we sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist, and donated a bunch more to the Castle Rock Task Force and Goodwill. didn't all get done. We filled about 3/4 of the shed, but still had a bunch of stuff. Soooo, we downsized - down to a 10' x 24' storage unit. Progress!!

To all of our friends in Colorado, we apologize for not contacting any of you. The storage stuff was every day, for much of the day. In between that, doctor stuff. We were just too tired in the evening to even think about visiting.

Next time through, in April-May of 2009, we promise to do better about seeing all of you. This visit was restricted to seeing family (Todd and Victoria), and enjoying their hospitality. I think they were able to put up with our tired and grumpy moods, and we thank them again for allowing us to stay with them.

Emma update: she is growing, and the hair on her head is turning silver. And she is keeping us very, very busy!!

We're heading back to Oregon to pick up our coach. A quick trip back to Country Coach to repair a leaky AquaHot, and then we're heading south for the winter.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meet Emma!

One thing we never travel without is our camera. It records remarkable things! Except this trip...we left it in Grants Pass, Oregon, in our haste to head south and see our daughter, son-in-law, and our two grand-daughters. Luckily, our daughter had a camera to lend to us for the big day.

Hi - I don't know you, but I am EMMA!

October 1, 2008 couldn't come quick enough. Emma is 12 weeks old today, and is finally ready to be adopted by us. We arrived in Livermore promptly at 11:3oam, and Georgina escorted us out back to see Emma again. The last time we had seen her, she was only 8 weeks old.
Her development has progressed quite a bit since then. She was a little shy and nervous then, but now she is outgoing and lively. We spend quite a while in the pen with her - she warmed right up to us, as we had sent Georgina an old t-shirt that we both had worn - she knew our scents well!
We spent a lot of time with Georgina, going over question after question, and making sure we had answers for them all. The ride back to San Jose was fun, and Emma calmed down after a few miles. Upon arriving back at Jenna's, we relaxed and let Emma check things out. She found a mirror, and growled and barked at herself for quite a while.
Who is that puppy behind the glass?
I'll watch a while and see if that puppy moves...
We will have a challenge to potty train will come in time. We even had some limited success today. After she ate her dinner, she pooped, pottied, and appeared ready for sleep. We put the old t-shirt in her crate with her bed, crossed our fingers, and put her in. Shortly thereafter, she barked and then pooped on the shirt. Oh's going to be a long night!!
I'm pooped!