Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hoosier Daddy (Burp City, here we come!)

It took days and days to drive through Texas. Leaving Nashville, and heading north, we hit Kentucky, and then - three states in 5 hours! We ended up just south of Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University. The Hoosiers! Our RV park was called Cedar Ridge Camping Resort, and is located at Lake Monroe, the largest lake in Indiana. The park was new in 2005, so it was very nice! No trailer trash to look at.

We had to have our monthly pizza fix, so we went into Bloomington to a pizza place that opened in 1953. We figured if it had been around that long, it probably was good (it was). IU is a huge campus, 1600 + acres, and from driving around, it's a big party university (ie, "Honk and I'll drink" signs at the fraternity houses).

We took the next day to take a casual drive, almost up to Indianapolis, so that Donna could see a highly rated quilt shop. We returned via rural roads, and went through some picturesque towns: Beanblossom and Nashville. Yes, there is a Nashville, IN. We stopped outside of Beanblossom and had a picnic lunch next to a covered bridge that was built in 1880! The town of Nashville is a quaint artsy town, full of small shops. We meandered our way back to Bloomington, only to end up in Friday afternoon traffic. Yuck!

Yesterday (Saturday), we headed north of Bloomington to visit a local winery, Oliver Winery. We did some tasting, took the tour, and did some more tasting. We ended up buying 3 bottles. After that, we headed back into town to try a southern Indiana specialty: pork tenderloin sandwiches. They consist of thin sliced pork, which is pounded flat to about the size of a pancake. It's then breaded and fried, and served on a Kaiser roll. Since we don't each much fried food, these sandwiches, while very tasty, didn't settle well with either of us. At least we've tried them.

This morning, we headed up to Millersburg, IN, where our fifth wheel was made. They have an RV park behind the facility, and we are now settled in. Service opens at 7:30am tomorrow. We've heard that they actually do some work right at your site, which would be great. We'll find out tomorrow! Weather is now hovering around 80. Time for an adult beverage!

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  1. Hey Rod & Donna! It is so much fun reading of your adventures. You both look so great and very happy. We barely have time to take our RV out. The last time we were out was at Thanksgiving. We went all the way to San Clemente (woo hoo)! We will take a week this summer and head up to the Chico area hopefully. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We'll blog again soon. Nanette


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