Saturday, March 1, 2008

Farewell to TGO

It seems like yesterday when we pulled into The Great Outdoors. Actually, it was Christmas Eve Day. We knew no one, hadn't a clue about what was where, and we barely got checked in before the offices closed for the holiday. We went to a pot luck on Christmas Day, and met some very nice people. And that was the start. During our time there:
  • We went on nature walks
  • We walked a whole lot
  • I rode my bike a lot
  • We explored the Orlando area
  • Abbey learned to ride in a basket on the bike
  • We bought fresh oranges for $7 a half bushel (that's about 50 oranges)
  • I took up golf again, after 11 years (thanks Tom!)
  • Donna joined the quilt group on site
  • We toured the Kennedy Space Center and had lunch with an astronaut
  • We saw a space shuttle launch
  • We made new friends
  • We tried to learn to deal with humidity
  • We tried to learn to block out "pool noise"
  • We saw a few movies
  • We ate a local delicacy - rock shrimp (tastes like lobster)
  • Abbey met every Yorkie in the park (Cody was her favorite, but Minnie & Mickey, or Samson & Delilia were right up there too)
  • We discovered new restaurants
  • We went to the Art Fair in Titusville
  • I went shrimping
  • Our motorhome's windshield got replaced, and the seal was redone twice after the initial install
  • Donna went shopping at quilt stores with new friends
  • I waxed the motorhome (BIG job!)
  • The price of diesel went up from $2.84 to $3.62
  • We rode on an airboat and saw big gators up close
  • We saw many exotic birds including sandhill cranes, great blue herons, and ibis
  • Donna saw her first armadillo
  • I got a never-to-be-repeated haircut at "The Bent Pole" barbershop

Two months went by so quickly...but we had a great time!!

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