Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, here we are...stuck in, just kidding, that was an old CCR song. We're in actually in Krum, TX, waiting on parts for our coach. Hopefully, they will be here on Wednesday, and repairs can begin. We are camped at the RV collision place - they have a water/electric hookup, so we are reasonably comfortable. Krum is about 45 miles north of Dallas, and it's a mite chilly and windy here. It will be down in the low 30's tonight, and was only in the low 50's today.

Way back when we lived in California, Donna and I worked at Southern California Edison. One of our friends from that time in our lives, Gayle, moved to Rhome, TX, which is only 30 miles or so from Krum. We got together with her and her hubby Pat last week, and went out to dinner at Babes, in Sanger. Babes is a chicken and catfish place, and the food is very good. It's served home style, with green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn. Mighty good eatin', although it's definitely NOT low-cal!!

While we are here, we plan to do some sightseeing. A couple of days ago, we went down to Fort Worth, and went to the Stockyards. It is in the historical part of town, and has some very interesting old buildings and museums. The streets are made of brick, which isn't fun to drive on, but it looks cool! At 11:30am and 4:00pm, they have a min-cattle drive, complete with longhorns.

Here come the longhorns!

Horny little devils!!
The Dallas Museum of History has the King Tut exhibit going, so we are going to do that this coming week. We also have a trip to Mrs. Bairds Bakery planned for Thursday. It should be interesting. They are a local bakery that's been around for a 100 years, growing from a 4-loaf oven in Mrs. Bairds home to a huge company (the bad news - the Bairds sold the company to a Mexican consortium a few years back). They make the famous "Texas Toast" bread. Each slice is about double that of a regular slice of bread. It should be an interesting tour - you have to get a reservation, and fill out waivers, etc. Stayed tuned for an update.

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