Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here we are in the Land of Arnold...and its windy. Every day so far, wind wind wind. And it's coming from the north - the same direction our awning faces. What that means is we can't put the awning out without risking the high winds ripping it. So we're basking in the warm sun. The RV Resort we're at is awesome. It's brand new, with concrete pads, paved roads, beautiful pool and spa, and cable TV (in addition to our satellite).

We've seen the kids and grandkids several times, and are amazed at how much Bea and Olivia have grown. Bea can now actually communicate with words and sentences, and Olivia is trying to do the same. Miss O was so nice to me, placing a wet finger in my mouth when I wasn't being I've got a scratchy throat and runny nose! Grand kids are worth it though, so I'll suffer for a few days!

In San Jose, the fuel prices aren't what they were in Sacramento...the best price for diesel we've found is $3.03, so California ranks right up there with Colorado.

Now that we're landed for a month, Donna is getting into her quilting. I've got several projects on my list, including finding out what's wrong with the dryer, and cleaning the roof. Two fun projects. I'll also be turning a pen for Josh's birthday present. We've started walking several times a day, and will be exploring some local trails.

I'll get some updated pictures posted in the next day or so.

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