Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Westward Ho-oooooo

Colorado is home, but those last 2 weeks were best described in a 4 letter word: WORK! Now, with doctors, dentists, eye doctors, and vetinarians behind us, not to mention the storage consolidation, we are heading west. Unfortunately, with all of our appointments and storage cleaning, we did not get to spend much time with friends. When we get back in August, hopefully we can remedy that! We did get some time with our son, Todd, and his fiance, Victoria, which was very nice.

The first day out we made it from Monument to Rawlins, WY. Usually, we try and get about 200-250 miles, but we wanted to spend an extra night in Reno, so we opted for a power run on day 2. We drove 473 miles, and ended up in Wells, NV, at a place that you wouldn't give a second glace at if you were driving by. Oh well, we were dog-tired, and, at $8/night, it was a place to sleep!

The 3rd night found us in Sparks, NV, which is right by Reno. We stayed at a classy, new, RV resort, that we will definitely go back to. Paved roads, concrete pads, and artificial turf (hey, it's the desert!). After two nights, we opted to leave and get over the Sierra's into Calfornia for a couple of reasons: 1) the drive into Morgan Hill would only be 100 miles, and 2) we wanted to check out the Sacramento Delta area.

The park we are at now on the Delta leaves something to be desired. Older, with a lot of rigs "in storage". Abandoned would better describe it. Yesterday (6/5), the winds became brutal in the afternoon and evening. Today it's much warmer and sunny, with just a light breeze. In the summer, this area is supposed to be very popular, but right now, we're finding it hard to see the draw.

Tomorrow (6/7), we're heading over to Morgan Hill, which is just south of San Jose. We have booked a month at a new RV and golf resort. And we'll see the grandkids, daughter, and son-in-law! Whoo-hoo!! Besides seeing family, we are excited to stay in one place for a whole month. During our stay, Donna will also attend a family reunion. We'll see her family down in Lakewood, and will also see my Dad, and maybe my sister.

Here's an interesting observation: so far, diesel prices have been the highest in Colorado ($3.05 - $3.15). In California, where we expected them to be high, we have found $2.89. Cheapest so far was in Michigan, where we used some bio-diesel (diesel with some soy oil mixed in) at $2.59.

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