Friday, May 25, 2007

A-Cute Situation (or two)

Fast-melting spring snow!

Looking south from the campground - Pikes Peak in background.

We finally got back to the Denver area, a few days earlier than planned. My wrist was not getting better, and it was time to see a doctor. After settling in at our home park in Monument, I headed off to the doctor. "Hmmm", doctor #1 says, "looks like 'acute tendonitis'. Check with the ortho to make sure." So off we go, and after 3 x-rays, the preliminary diagnosis is confirmed. No broken bones, just some nasty little tears in a tube containing a tendon. So a cortisone shot and a wrist brace later, I'm feeling better about getting better. Of course, it will still take some time, but at least I know what's up.

Colorado is great, but, besides doctors, dentists, eye doctors, and vets, we're here for work. No, I'm staying retired - we're cleaning out our storage units. Prior to us moving out of our home, it snowed every weekend for over 9 weeks. Consequently, we did not pack our original unit very tightly. We ran out of space, and had to rent an additional unit. So we are here to repack, consolidate, eliminate, and vacate. We fought the snow all winter, and now, as we attempt to rework the storage, we are fighting the rain. Seems we no sooner get boxes and furniture out for sorting, and it starts raining. As Donna says, "three steps forward, two steps back." It's frustrating, but we'll get there.

Colorado still hasn't changed! Last night, well actually beginning yesterday afternoon, it started snowing! I had to put the awning it, as we didn't want it to collapse or tear from the weight of the snow. When we woke up this morning, there was about 4" of accumulation. Mind you, it only snowed up here at the top of Monument Hill where we are staying.

The park is filling up, as this weekend is the Memorial Day holiday. We'll see some familiar faces and reacquaint ourselves with friends. We've stopped in at my old workplace twice to say hi. It's still real busy, and there have been lots of changes since I left. It's nice to see everyone there, but I'm now out of the loop. Time marches on, and we're on a different path now.

We will be heading for California next, to see our daughter, son-in-law, and two grand-daughters, Beatrice and Olivia. We're planning on staying there a month, so we should really slow down the pace, and recover from all of this work!


  1. California? You are actually coming to little old California? Don't forget you have other family down in the low-lands of Los Angeles County...LOL! Maybe you might stop in and see your Beverly Hillbillies of a cousin! Beverly
    P.S. We are in the middle of planning a wedding for Rhiannon!

  2. We cannot wait to see you! I think the girls are going to love the 5th wheel!


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