Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I-80 Westbound

We left Michigan and that cool weather behind yesterday (Monday). We traveled southwest around Lake Michigan and made it to Interstate 80. We continued west until we got to Utica, IN. We opted for an overnighter at Hickory Hollow Campground. Not much happening here, but the campground is appropriately named - there were hickory trees everywhere! The property next to the campground was being developed, so there were several downed trees. Of course, I snagged a limb for future use!

This morning we headed out at about 8:10am, a new record. Try as we may, 8:30am seems to be our earliest departure. We had targeted a campground west of Des Moines, IA, to spend a few nights while we took in the local sights. Upon arriving, the grounds looked nice, but the office was closed. We decided to find a site, and then register, but the owner appeared as we were starting up. Immediate bad vibes...and when she told us the rates, we opted to move on.

We ended up in Winterset, the birthplace of John Wayne. It's also home to a quilt shop that Donna really wants to see. The City runs an RV park, very reasonable, and very nice. We'll hang out here for three nights, and will take in the famous "Bridges of Madison County". So far, we've missed the bad weather that has moved through the Midwest. A City worker drove through the park this evening, and told us that they had gotten 6" of rain over the past 3 days. And we were complaining about being cold in Michigan!

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