Saturday, May 5, 2007


Yesterday we drove up to Holland, MI, to see the tulips. There is a week-long festival that actually began Saturday...but to avoid the crowds, we went early, on Friday. Holland is an old town started by Dutch immigrants, and the town's culture reflects that fact. Besides tulips everywhere, there are wooden shoe stores, Delftware, and strange pastries with stranger names! What is Delfware, you ask? It's that dishware that is white, with blue designs or pictures of windmills, etc. glazed on it. Very cute, very pricey. We left with none of it, as we don't have the room or the decor for it.

We also took a drive 5 miles north from there to Veldheers Tulip Farm, just to make sure we saw enough! It's lucky we went Friday, as Saturday was cold and very windy. Locals told us tqat the weather for the festival is the best in several years. It was sunny while we were up there. The wind stayed with us on Sunday, and we packed up bright and early to start our trek back to Colorado.

One interesting observation (at least to us) about campers and RV'ers in Michigan: their idea of a good time is to sit around a campfire...all day, and late into the night. Marathon sessions...arms folded, alone or with others. They seemed to be obsessed with it. And the campfire wood magically never runs out! Maybe Donna and I have different ideas about this life. We are more into seeing what's out there, rather than watching the embers glow, and choke in the smoke! To us, full-timing doesn't mean sitting by the fire the majority of the time!

I did find a nice branch of maple, and turned a pen on Sunday...the first since we hit the road. The wind stayed with us on Sunday, so Monday bright and early we packed up to begin our trek back to Colorado. We're planning on one overnight stay in Illinois, followed by several days in Iowa - Donna has some mega-quilt stores in mind, as well as the famous bridges of Madison County.

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  1. Looking forward to having you back in Colorado! And I want to see that pen.


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