Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shimmy, Shimmy, Cocoa Beach

OK, so I plagiarized the title of a song from the late 50's...hey, at least I can still remember back that far!!

The path to Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

We decided to take a drive down to Cocoa Beach and check out the beaches and attractions. After wandering in and out of a local beachwear place, we pulled into a city park, where we found a trail through some heavy trees and plants leading to the beach. The beach was pretty, but a recent bout with red tides had killed many fish...which had washed up on the beach at high tide. The smell of rotting fish was too much for us, so we turned around and headed down another path away from the beach. Later on the news we heard that the City was using jail prisoners to pick up and bury the dead fish. We came across a boardwalk leading through a semi-tropical rain forest. Not bad for not having a book of things to see and do in Cocoa Beach! I think the elevated boardwalk was to keep us from finding an unexpected alligator. It was a 1/4 mile loop right next to the beach, and we found it very interesting, to say the least.

The path

Twisty vines

A single bloom

A break in the thick canopy in the middle of the forest

An old oak
Berries of some kind
From there, we went to the most famous surf shop on the East Coast: Ron-Jon. You know it's a mega-store when the billboard advertisements say: Open 24 hours. It was a giant store, and we did a little shopping - I ended up with a new T-shirt, and Donna with a new sun-dress.


  1. Did you find Jeannie and Major Nelson hanging out at the beach? Or perhaps you found your own Genie? Or maybe you don't remember TV that far back?

    Well, it isn't 80 but we did have a big snow on Christmas day. I don't remember it ever really snowing on Christmas day before. Christmas Eve yes, but not Christmas day. It was really beautiful-especially since we didn't have to drive in it. Everyone came to us this year.

    I think we could do with some 80's and beach time for January. Have a wonderful New Year and many happy adventures!

  2. Leroy & Carol RiceJanuary 5, 2008 at 1:14 AM

    You should feel real bad, we are in cold, snow, & rain up here in Oregon and you send warm tropical pictures. Someday we will catch up with you I'll send those pictures back here. Nice to see where you are and hear the fun things that you are doing. Hope the rib gets better fast. I'll go get more wood for the fire now and dream about you guys all the cold night long...Leroy & Carol

  3. Nancy - believe it or not, the street that this park was on was "I Dream of Jeannie" Street! I almost took a picture of the street sign, but...hindsight!

  4. So much fun you guys are having, wish I couls retire now and do what you are doing, guess I will just have to bide my time until 1 - I either am old enough or 2 I win the lottery....

    Miss you much, school is about to start and I am taking three classes, wish me luck!!!


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