Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it a bird, a plane, a log?

Since we've been here, we've been told time and time again that there are alligators in the park. Until today, we hadn't seen one. Coming back from our walk, a gentleman driving by in a golf cart told us that there was a gator floating in the next lagoon over. "He's looking for the best spot to sun himself today", was the comment. We decided to investigate, and sure enough, saw a couple of eyes and a snout floating out in the pond. A little later, we grabbed the camera and went back, hopefully to see the creature (at a distance!). As we scouted the banks, Donna said, "Nope, all I see is a palm frond over there." But, as I looked closer, just to the right of the frond, there was a large gray shape on the bank. Yowser, we are glad that it was on the other side of the pond!

Don't let your dog swim here!

The real deal - all 6'-8' of it

Upon entering The Great Outdoors, there is a road sign that I have never seen before:

This sign almost says it all

Let's see: a sign that depicts big birds, alligators, deer, snakes, wild boar, turtles, and small birds with chicks. And it's missing something: an armadillo! Yes, here in Titusville, Florida, there are armadillos! Seems that they escaped the local zoo many years ago and nature took it's course. Every morning, we see holes in the lawn where the dillos have rooted during the night.

Sandhill cranes

I saw this pair of sandhill cranes during my bike ride the other day. Since TGO sits next to a wildlife preserve, and has animal sanctuaries on it, this is a pretty common sight. These birds are big, standing well over 3' high.

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