Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hangin' Out

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Well, we've been here in Titusville, Florida since December 24. We've definitely gone into the "relax-mode"! Here in the park, we've seen some stuff - a few nights ago, we were out walking (with a flashlight). I veered Donna out into the middle of the street when I saw a coiled snake right in the middle of a driveway. I'm not sure what it was, but it was definitely NOT a garden snake. She had no idea until I pointed it out to her. The tropical sunsets seem to be getting better as time passes. I'll have to brave the mosquitoes and get a shot or two before we leave. More and more big birds seem to be appearing. Everything from sandhill cranes to blue herons to storks. Throw in a few buzzards, and thousands of little birds that often blanket the sky, and you get the picture!

Abbey has met a lot of Yorkies here - they are as popular as the Shih-Tzu's. A little male named Cody lives aross the street from us. He's about the same size and color as Abbey, and they are fast friends, licking and herding each other around.

Abbey goes for a ride!

We've done some sightseeing and driving around in the Orlando area, and are getting a flavor of life here from the local TV channels. Crime in the Orlando area is violent and prevalent (the news is full of shootings, home invasions, and robberies). We took a trip to nearby Mt. Dora last week, and witnessed a couple of guys duking it out in the middle of an intersection! On the way back we saw almost the same thing! We won't be taking any side streets, or heading out after dark.

Monday 2/4, we are going to the Kennedy Space Center. We purchased tickets for "Lunch with an Astronaut", so we'll be taking in the Space Center and then having an interesting lunch. Our son Todd and daughter-in-law Victoria did this on their honeymoon, so we are looking forward to comparing notes. Also this week, a daytime launch of the Space Shuttle is planned. We will be driving out to the coast to see this event. It should be spectacular!

Looking across the Indian River towards the Space Center

Gulls checking out the view

We leave for the Tampa area on the 25th. Time is fleeting!!

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  1. Let us know how the astronaut lunch/launch goes!


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