Monday, September 29, 2008

Heading South (we hope)

We left Country Coach on the morning of the 23rd (my birthday!), and headed south to Grants Pass, OR. Some longtime (25 years) friends have some property there with an RV pad for visitors. The ride down was uneventful, as we were keeping a close watch on the engine temperature. CC found that our fan motor had given up, and replaced it. Thankfully, the fix worked, the engine did not overheat at all, even on some steep grades.

We pulled in, got hooked up, and settled in. Our friends, Leroy and Carol, were in the process of loading up their motorcoach, as they were leaving the morning of the 24th, for an extended trip back to Branson, MO, and then back to their winter place in Benson, AZ. As they would be gone, he was planning to turn the water off, so I hastily filled our water tank. We all went out to dinner at a local buffet place, then settled in for the evening. I kept the rig on city water supply for the evening.

On the 24th, L & C finished up loading, turned off the water, and headed out. We switched on the water pump, and...the water lines did not fully pressurize. The ticking of the pump indicated a water leak somewhere. Sigh...we had just left service! I looked around the rig, and found 2 locations that had a slight water leak. After tightening them up, we flipped on the switch, and, unfortunately, same problem. Upon further investigation the next day, I located the problem - a connection or hose (not accessible) on our AquaHot heating system was leaking. Doh! When we return, I'll try and locate and fix the problem. Otherwise, we're back to CC AGAIN.

On Saturday the 27th, we headed south in the Jeep - destination: San Jose. Grandkids! And Emma!!

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