Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet The Puppy

We are so excited! A new puppy will be joining us in October. Once we decided to move forward with this decision, we had a daunting task - a name! Our first two dogs, Taffy and Sasha, got their names quickly. Had them in 15 minutes or so. Abbey's name was fate - the breeder had renamed the rescue dog "Abbey", which was the first name on Donna's list.

This time it was not easy. No lightning bolt. We started compiling names. We looked on the Internet, wrote down names we liked. We had a list of about 30, which seemed to grow and change constantly. Maybe when we met her something would hit us instantly. Of course, it didn't, but we narrowed the list down to 6 favorites. This was even difficult - we ended up writing our favorite four names on a paper, then compared them. There were 4 matches, and we added 2 that weren't on the original list. Finally, after living with the six, we both agreed that her name will be EMMA.

Yorkie pups are typically black with brown on their face and legs. As she matures, the black will lighten to silver, and the brown will also lighten up. Right now, her ears are taped to ensure that they heal upright.

Bonding with me

Bonding with Donna

Yeah, I'm cute!

So are you going to be my new Mom?

I'm big and mean...I think


  1. Emma is precious! Congratulations on your new addition.

    - Becky, Diva and Lucy Goo
    (Nancy's daughter)

  2. Are you picking up Emma and then coming to Colorado? I will be waiting to snuggle the new addition!

  3. EMMA. You finally decided. That was my top pic.


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