Monday, July 9, 2007

A Few More "Goods"

I missed a few of the good things from California, as it was late when I posted last night:

  1. Fourth of July with the grandkids. It's amazing to see the wonder and awe in those innocent faces. Our best 4th since our kids were small.
  2. In & Out hamburgers. We hadn't had one in quite a while. We had a couple our first week there, and then laid off.
  3. Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream. When we were kids, we used to go to Thrifty Drug store for a 5 cent scoop. This same ice cream is now sold in Rite-Aid Drugs now under the Thrifty label. It's one of my favorites, but we couldn't get it in Colorado. So, with availability, I'm in my second 1/2 gallon (eat your heart out Todd!).

1 comment:

  1. Great, you had to mention In-N-Out AND Chocolate Malted Crunch in the same post. Haha.


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