Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rice's RV Resort

Rice's Woods

Our private RV site

A bit of history: Leroy and I used to work for Southern California Edison, at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. At the time, we were often on opposite sides of the fence on many issues, but we managed to form a friendship during off-work hours. Until February of 2007, we had not seen each other since about 1994, when he retired. They moved from Vista, CA to Grants Pass shortly thereafter. He built an replica of their Vista home on his property - the same except the rooms were all larger. We hooked up with he and his wife Carol in Benson, AZ last winter, and renewed our friendship.

We arrived in Grants Pass, OR around 7:30pm, after electing to bypass Redding, CA, where it was 105. I called Leroy when we were about 10 miles out, to confirm the GPS directions - turned out the GPS route was bogus, so we got new directions, and made it to our new temporary home. Moral (which we already had experienced): don't always trust the GPS.

Leroy was waiting at the bottom of his driveway, and directed us in. A quick backup, and we were hooked up. We were bushed after the long drive (450 miles), so after chatting with Leroy and Carol, we headed off to bed. I did come out and attempt to get the satellite up, and managed to get everything but high definition.

The next day (Sunday) Leroy took us into town to hit the local Walmart. After re-supplying, we headed back. The Rice's had planned a BBQ with some of their friends and neighbors, which turned out great. That evening, we headed off to their favorite eatery, JJ North's Buffet. We took separate vehicles, since they had to go to Medford to pick up their son Jeff and his girlfriend.

I fiddled with the satellite again, but failed to find the HD signal. I think that there were some trees or hills in the way. At least, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Leroy and I spent many hours in the shade discussing Class A coaches. Donna and I called it "Class A 101". Leroy has years of practical RV experience, and his advice could prove to be invaluable.

During one of our morning walks, we saw what appeared to be a cherry tree. I asked Leroy about it, and he said "it was some kind of edible fruit". We took a stroll down there later that evening, and I plucked one for a sample. Yow! Pretty sour...turns out they were little plums, not ripe cherries! There is an abundance of blackberry (Marionberries are what some of the locals call them) bushes throughout this area, but we were about a month early.

On Monday, Donna and I headed out and did some errands, which included a trip to Costco, and a visit to an RV dealer in Grants Pass. We are very excited about attending the Good Sam Rally in Redmond! We started a game of Mexican Train that evening, which we finished on Wednesday evening.

Leroy and Carol also hosted a family BBQ on Wednesday, and we got to meet his 94 year old Mother, Anna, as well as his daughter Julie.

We had a great time at Rice's RV Resort, and were lucky enough to be invited back. Thanks to our hosts, Leroy and Carol - we'll see ya on the road!!

By the way, it's much cheaper to live in Oregon than California. For example: 1) diesel in Grants Pass is 30 cents a gallon cheaper than California; 2) Costco prices for the same 20 lb bag of potatoes: CA - $8.50, OR - $6.50. Also, Oregon gets an "A" for roads, California gets a "C-".

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