Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where is Everyone???

Feedback...we'd like a little! We think that there are many of you out there who read our blog, but where are the comments? You can make a comment anonymously, so don't feel intimidated. Remember, the blog is our connection to you! Thanks!!


  1. Unfortunately, such is the life of blogging. Having done this for several years now, I can tell you that you'll have a lot more readers than commenters. And sometimes people don't read every day. But I like to think, for me, I am blogging for myself, so I have something to remember for later. I don't blog for everyone else.

  2. hey,

    I read them all and it's an great way to keep track of your sights which i like alot. Girls miss ya tons. Congrats on the new rig!


  3. The Pasta Bella crew is asking where the marsala couple is...I read the blog and enjoy the comments about life on the road. Remember if you ever need a cabin boy for light work around your rig I am your guy!

    John,barb and the boys

  4. I love the blog. I am sorry I have been remiss in my commenting duties. I promise to be better.!!! Love your future daughter in law..

  5. Hey John, glad you're keeping up with us. Still haven't found any Italian food to beat yours yet, so rest assured we'll be in once we hit town. That should be the last week of August; hopefully a little earlier. I might want a driver for the new rig - it's a 43' motorhome with 3 axles!

  6. I'll comment after "you swing by and pick me up, so we can head back to Afton and Creston, IA; then on to Warsaw, NY, down to Greenville, PA and then on to De Funiak Springs, FL." ;)
    I am enjoying your blogs but I am beginning to wonder when you will learn not to park under trees...ants are so pesky! your cousin, Beverly


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