Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Mugging with a double scoop

Tillamook Cheese Factory

After our excellent campground in Lincoln City, we were reluctant to journey to a new camp, but something cheezy was calling us. We ended up in Tillamook, at Wilson River RV Park. This camp is on the Wilson River (duh!), and while picturesque, was close to the highway.

We headed over to the Tillamook factory for a tour and tasting on our second day here. The tour is self-guided, and very interesting. However, the tasting is great! Besides the usual cheese offered, Tillamook is famous for their ice cream. About 40 flavors were available. I had a double (almond-mocha and mint chocolate) and Donna had a single (marionberry pie). We both can attest, it is very, very good!!


  1. MMMMMM Cheese! Woah, they make ice cream too?!

  2. And the ice cream is very, very creamy! There were over 40 flavors to choose from. I had Marionberry Pie, and dad had 2 scoops: almond mocha and mint chocolate. Mom

  3. Hey - you're just north of our 4 acres in Waldport! We took the Cheese Tour one year, too. Isn't it funny how it directs you along and then drops you into the cheese tasting, ice cream fun zone? Kind of like Disneyland where every ride ends in the speciality shop for the ride you were just on. Who can resist? We buy Tillamook cheese down here now. Figure we might as well begin supporting our future state of residence.


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