Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Abbey!

Hurry up! I've got things to do!!

Abbey the "Aren't I cute?" Birthday Girl

Today Abbey is four years young. To celebrate, she got to do anything she wanted, and this is what happened: potty, eat treat, poop, eat treat, car ride/sleep in Mom's arms, potty, eat treat, sleep, check out new campsite, potty, eat treat, get pictures taken, and then eat dinner. Followed, of course, by: potty, eat treat, stake out bed for evening, and finally, sleep. I think she is planning to wake up about 1:00am and wake me up to take her out.


  1. Oh Abbey! Don't act so bored.

  2. I guess this is where one provides feedback to a blog? It took a little looking to find where to do this. But I'm impressed with your blog, kind of an interacting website? We had a nice trip to WA and returned via Bend and we stayed at the C to C just north of La Pine. Great weather up there. Hot,(103+)here in Grants Pass the past 2 days. Being homeless like you allows for travel to nice weather spots. We will be checking your trip status so have fun and keep it safe out there. Leroy

  3. Oh she looks so cute and happy. What could be better to a dog than being with your "Master" 24/7?

    Glad to hear you're having a good time. Yep, this retirement stuff is pretty good!

    Have FUN! Art and Grace

  4. Abbey looks absolutely beautiful for her birthday! Good thing she has her own personal groomer traveling with her. You just need a couple more to keep life interesting. Maybe when you get the motorhome...


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