Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Da New Rig

Since July, when we ordered the new coach, we have been anticipating getting back to Oregon to pick up the new rig. We've been too caught up in figuring out the logistics of moving from a 5th wheel to a motor home to worry too much about how construction has been moving along, but it was always on our mind. Fortunately, we asked Country Coach to take pictures as our rig was being built, and they have done a great job - they actually set up a web portal for our private viewing.

For the past week, the coach has been in photos were available during this time. Today we got a glimpse of what we'll soon be riding in.

Close to the beginning...

A 425HP Cummins Diesel - not quite ready.
Walls at last!
Out of the paint shop
Can I really drive this?


  1. OH Baby What a Sweet Ride!!!!!!

  2. Nice looking "TupperWare".

  3. Wow, Da New Rig gots some big wheels. And a 425hp Cummins? As a truck driver of more than 22 years I can't say I've driven rigs with that manny horses.

    Pedal to the metal,
    Jim & Bev


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