Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yes, My Little Skookums

Donna & Abbey on the lot

Our current set up at Skookum

We made it over the mountains, and through Spokane without incident, heading north to the tiny town of Usk, WA. Interesting, when you come out of the mountains east of Seattle, the countryside changes to flat with little trees. As you approach Spokane, you begin seeing trees and rolling hills again. As we moved north, more mountains appeared. Again, we were in beautiful country.

We got to Skookum Rendezvous , about 3 miles south of Usk, in the early afternoon. We had been invited here by some friends, Leroy and Clovie (not Leroy and Carol from Grants Pass!), to stay as their guest for a few days. After settling in, we wandered around the resort, talking to many friendly people. Our second day here, Donna attending a quilting session in the clubhouse. While she was quilting, I met with a sales rep, and learned about ownership here. Later in the day, Donna and I wandered around the park, looking at re-sale lots. We saw some possibilities, but decided to look at the new lots in the "to-be-built" phase. This area will have 2 man-made lakes, tennis and volleyball courts, a big meeting area, and will have curbs and gutters. The sales rep took us out and showed us the approximate areas where the lake and RV sites will be. After thinking about it, we decided to purchase a lot facing the lake! This area is tentatively scheduled to be finished next summer (2008), but we now can stay here on any open lots until such time as our lot is completed. Of course, everyone leaves in the September/October time frame, as this is not a winter place.

We are very excited that we will have a place to bring our new rig and just relax!


  1. Fancy - T and I can always fly into Spokane and visit you in your new digs next summer.

  2. Well it looks like you have "summer roots". Our question is...Will you have a space up there for us next summer when it hits 110 degrees here in Grants Pass and we need to find a cool spot to park a bus? Wonder if this means you have now relocated from Texas? Leroy

  3. Wow, life on the road appears to suit you two perfectly. I hope they put fish in those lakes :) Dad needs to keep busy while the kids swim.



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