Thursday, August 9, 2007

WA-WA (the State)

After all that cheese and ice cream, we headed north again, this time to Washington. Our first stop was a C2C resort in Olympia. This place was really a RV resort where you purchase lots, with 17 sites set aside for RV camping sites. These sites were not in proximity to the pool or the other owners. Not bad though - heavily treed (so no satellite), ferns, all in all very picturesque. These sites again had no sewer. Lucky for us, the designer restrooms were close. I'm not kidding, these restrooms were nice! Tile, fancy faucets, and lots of hot water! We spent 2 nights here, and then headed north, as we had Seattle in mind.

Our next spot was in the town of Black Diamond, which we thought was a close suburb of Seattle. Wrong. We were about 45 miles out. This place, again a C2C resort, was not as nice as the last one. The resort is located on Lake Sawyer, and of course the picture you see of the resort shows the shoreline and docks. As it turns out, the campsites are not by the water, and the ones allotted to C2C members are small and don't have full hookups. A little disappointing, but at $8 a night the price wasn't bad! This was our one and only time here, as they have a size restriction of 40' (the new rig is 43').

We made it in to Seattle to go to Pike Place Market, one of our favorite spots. We were hoping to get some giant shrimp. When we were here 3 years ago, we got shrimp the size of steaks. One each was plenty for dinner. Alas, those shrimp are not available right now, so we'll have to try our next time through. We took a walk along the beachfront, and watched the Thunderbirds practicing for their air show the next day. Leaving the city, like coming in, was a zoo (it was Friday at rush hour). The freeway was not bad, but getting to it was. Gridlocked traffic on every street. I guess a big city is a big city, no matter where you are.

We're heading up to Usk, WA (about 40 miles north of Spokane, and 25 miles south of Canada) for several days. Some friends of ours, Leroy and Clovie, own several lots at this resort, and we will stay there as their guest.


  1. MMMM Shrimp as big as your head!!!

  2. I've never heard of Usk. Wow. You can slip across the border easily maybe.

  3. Usk is in some beautiful country along the Pend Oreille River. We have good friends - use to be neighbors here in Castle Rock - that had a summer home right on the river north of Usk on the way to Ione. Every July Ione had a Poker Paddle (you paddle 23 miles down the river in two days). Great people there too!


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