Sunday, February 11, 2007

Moving Out

My Dad says: when you sell your house, sell it with EVERYTHING in it. Contents, clothes, food, EVERYTHING! He's a very wise man!

Of course we didn't do that, we had been moving 37 years of "stuff" into storage for several months. We donated, sold and gave away a lot of it, but still, there was way too much to deal with. Major decisions - what to put on board the RV, what to store.

On moving day, our good friends Jan and Monte, our son Todd, Donna and I made up the moving crew. Very hard work, with 2 casualties: Rod got a black eye, and Todd slipped on ice and bruised his tailbone...but the team got the job done!

As a sidelight, Denver has had the snowiest winter since 1913! Of course, on moving day, we had flurries and cold, cold weather!!

Advice to all - moving is for young people. Don't do it yourself if you can avoid it!!

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