Sunday, February 11, 2007

On The Road

On our first day, we went from Castle Rock, CO to Albuquerque, NM. Our objective was to get out of the cold and snow as quick as we could. We headed down to familiar territory and hung out for 2 days in Albuquerque. No snow, and weather in the 60's. Much better, but no shorts yet! We had a great lunch at Garduno's, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

We thought that when we got to Albuquerque we would either head west to Arizona, or east to Texas. After getting there, we decided to keep going south! South = warm. So we kept going down I-25, with our next destination being Deming, NM. Around lunch time, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, with only a Mickey D in sight. So, for the first time in several years, we decided to eat there. They had RV parking, so after getting situated, we headed for the dining room. But a sign "dining room closed for remodeling" confronted us. Hmm, ok the drive-thru was open, but we and the truck driver who parked next to us decided our rigs wouldn't fit. So we walked to the last car in line, and walked through the drive-thru! A bit confusing for the employees, but we got our food and had lunch.

After taking a shortcut through Hatch NM, we found that the GPS could not locate the address of our RV park. Funny because it was 3 miles north of town, then 10 miles down a dirt road...Hidden Valley Ranch. Beautiful place, beautiful sunrise, lots of animal life. We'll definitely go back there! A lesson learned for Rod - stow the "Dish" somewhere besides the bed of the truck. As we bounced down the dirt road, it bounced up and pierced the diamond plate on the underside of the rig...not once - but twice. Duct tape has temporarily fixed the holes, and the Dish now has a resting place inside the rig when we travel.

Still looking for more warmth, we headed west, and are now in Benson, AZ. Sorry (hahahaha) to report, it was almost 80 yesterday for a while in the I finally got out the shorts!! Today it's cooler, low 60's, as a storm passes through heading for Colorado we think (sorry!) Yesterday we met up with an Edison retiree and his wife (Leroy and Carol Rice). I had worked with Leroy while at San Onofre in the 80's and early 90's.

We'll be here for a few days. Stay tuned for more adventures!

By the way, Abbey loves our new lifestyle, and stays busy meeting all the dogs in each park we visit!


  1. Glad to see that your finally got on the road. I sure hope that your road will eventually come down to SoCal (July-August-September are pretty hot thought) sometime on your journey. Jim and I sent you our first addition to our family and friends magazine...hope it eventually catches up with you! Let me know your mail address so that we can send you the next edition. Have a fun first month of nomading and don't let Abbey take any wooden nickles. Your cousin, Beverly

  2. Yay! Finally on the road for real! That's cool that you met up with Leroy and Carol. Wish it were warmer here! Have fun!

  3. It's about time you got up and running! :-)

    All of us sickies are hoping you come and visit us real soon!

    We are looking forward to your updates.

  4. Welcome to the world we all dream of. Glad you are finally living your dream. Hope to meet up with you on the road and camp together.
    Love Cheryl & John Hurt

  5. I have to laugh because I worked on the 345kV that you drove along from Hatch to Demming. Lovely area huh.....LOL. Ahhhh the open road!!


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