Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wellton AZ - Canada South

We've been here in the land of the snowbirds since Sunday. I'm not sure there are any Canadians left in Canada right now - they are all down here in the Yuma area! It's pretty clique-ish, and most of them are in their 70's and up. They tend to stay away from us young-uns.

As I said in an earlier post, we came out to Wellton a few days early to check out our next reservation, and found that it was an old park next to the railroad tracks. Since we had just come from 5 days next to RR tracks, we opted for a newer park, closer to the interstate. Of course, with all of the aforementioned Canadians in the "long-term" spots, we ended up backed up to the freeway. We and about 20 other rigs are in the overflow area, so, while we have electricity and water, we don't have a sewer hookup.

The weather here has been pretty mild, 70's for the most part, until yesterday evening. Then the wind began howling, and it is roaring up a storm today. It was blowing so hard a while ago, it actually blew our satellite dish off it's stand (right before Donna's soap came on - I had to do a quick re-setup). My skills at getting the satellite operational seem to be improving, which is a good thing, as it has been a source of much frustration for both of us in the past. Looking at the weather channel, it appears that this area ends up as the southern edge for storms moving east. So California gets clouds and drizzle, we get clouds and wind, and Denver gets snow.

We're thinking of opting for the Gulf Coast next winter. Less desert, more beach. Maybe even less Canadians, eh? Still a lot of places to go and see before we make that decision.


  1. Hey now! Don't one of you have some Canadian in you? :-)

    The sunset looks beautiful!

  2. Yeah, you are missing this awesome snowstorm that took us 2 hours to get home from tonight! ;)


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