Sunday, March 4, 2007


Yes, that is a palm tree next to the rig! And yes, that is a palm tree that our sign is on!

We left Wellton a day early. The noise of the freeway, the wind, the lack of a sewer connection, and management that wouldn't move us from the perimeter prompted our departure. I called our next stop, and they could take us a day early, so we bailed.

Now that we're here in Yuma (Yuma Lakes RV Park), we're so glad we left. This park is in the agricultural section east and north of Yuma. We are in the land of lettuce fields. There are roadside stands everywhere, so fresh veggies and fruits are available and cheap. Also, there is an In-N-Out Burger about 8 miles down the road!!

We arrived at the park at 2:30pm yesterday, and they informed us that there was a meatloaf dinner available if we signed up by 3:00pm. We did, but should have passed...on a scale of 1-10, Donna gave it a minus one. Huge yuck factor! We're still not sure what the "meat" was in that meatloaf. That and the canned green beans...well, you get the picture. At least Abbey was happy with leftovers.

Today we drove into Civic Center park for a classic car show. There were hundreds of cars from the 50's, 60's, and earlier. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, so there aren't any pictures. I did take one picture with my phone, so if I can figure out how to get it from there to here, I'll post it, and you can see a souped up Mail Delivery Wagon.

Abbey has adapted quite well to our new lifestyle. She met 3 Yorkies at the last park, and has met a Yorkie-poodle mix and a 5 month old Yorkie puppy here (so far).

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  1. MMM Camp Food, I guess cant be all good, Monument Spolied you for all other camp grub.. Its nice to see you spreading out the camp sign.


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