Friday, March 23, 2007

Whut the Hill?

Hill Country. We're finally here; the first time for me without being here for work. We arrived in Kyle early Sunday afternoon and got situated in our park. A quick look around the park, and we found genuine trailer-trash could tell by the green moss growing on the roofs of their "rigs". Well, no problem, we would be there only one night!!

Bright and early Monday morning, we drove the rig up to the dealer. When we purchased it almost a year ago, they installed a dishwasher. It leaked the first time we used it, and so we had to come back here at some point to get it fixed. They said "hopefully" it would be done in one day; we told them if not, "someone" would have to put us up in a hotel - this is our home we retorted.

We took off to run some errands and have some lunch, promising to return by the end of the work day. Lunch took us to The Salt Lick, a BBQ place in Driftwood, up in the hills SW of Austin. Great BBQ (thanks V!). This was our second time there; the first being when we bought our rig.

When we returned to the dealer, they had done the repairs, and tested the fix twice. We left happy and headed to Canyon Lakes. The ultimate outcome of the dishwasher is detailed in the post titled "Frustration(s)". Speaking of frustrations, I have a very poor Internet signal, and can't seem to get any pictures uploaded. Stay tuned...

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