Sunday, March 18, 2007

Into Texas

We left Deming at about 8:30am, and headed down I-10. Got to El Paso, stopped at the Texas welcome center, and got lots of brochures and maps. Without consulting our calendar, we had decided to head south to the Big Bend area to hang out for a week or so, before heading to Kyle to have some warranty work done on our rig. We got reservations at a 5-star (per Woodalls) resort in Alpine, and were planning on staying for a week.

Upon arriving, we wondered who paid Woodalls for the rating. The pool they advertised was under construction, and, as far as being the "gateway to Big Bend"...turns out Big Bend was 105 miles away! And, the grass had the nastiest stickers you'll ever find!

We decided that we would stick it out...until Donna checked our calendar. Turns out the appointment I had set for the warranty work was on the 19th, not the 26th, as we had thought. Darn, we had to cut our time here short, as we were 425 miles from Austin. That gave us one whole day to explore the area. We'll have to take in Big Bend the next time we're in the area.

On Friday, we journeyed about 25 miles north, to Fort Davis, to see this historical monument. We spent several hours exploring the fort, which is being slowly restored. Originally built before the Civil War, it fell into disrepair during the conflict, and was later re-built. Afterwards, we found a local pizza place, and had some very good pizza!

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  1. Nice pics of Fort Davis. Did you make it down to Big Bend? ShaneA @ bTW - be sure to check out


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