Sunday, March 18, 2007

Travel Days

Saturday, we left Alpine around 8:30am (seems no matter what time we get up, and how much we do the night before, we can't get on the road until 8:30am). Since Kyle, TX was 425 miles away, I looked for a place slightly past the half way point, which ended up being Junction, TX.

Now, when we are traveling because of a need to be somewhere, we try and economize. We stay hooked up to the truck, so less work hitting the road. We found this RV park in one of our memberships - the membership allows us to stay for 1/2 price - the price was $20, which meant a $10 night. Twelve RV sites, next to a hotel. Quaint is one way to put it. We actually had a great time - I BBQ'd some steaks, we washed the truck, called it an early night. Unbelievably, we left at 8:20am, so we beat our record.

So, we are now in Kyle, TX, about 15 miles south of Austin - this park is part of the same network, so it's costing us a whopping $12.50. This afternoon, we hit the local Wal-Mart to get some prescriptions filled, and drove down to Gruene, one of the many German towns in this area. We have a favorite restaurant there, the Grist Mill, where we wanted to have lunch. Unfortunately, there was a giant flea market in progress, and it was the last day of spring break. We decided to come back during the week.

Tomorrow we take the rig in, and hopefully will get it back tomorrow afternoon. If not, we'll have to hotel it for a night. We also plan on going to a great Texas BBQ place called the Salt Lick, in Driftwood. It's a dry county, so they encourage you to BYOB!

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  1. HMMMM The Salt Lick aren't you glad I introduced you to the fabulous BBQ - You are welcome love me


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