Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Road Trip II

Since we are leaving the Yuma area tomorrow, we decided a mini-road trip was in order. Very mini - a whole 1/2 hour, and we were in Los Algodones, Baja, Mexico! You get to Los Algodones by heading west into California on I-8, and getting off at the 2nd exit. From there, it's less than 2 miles south. It's a quaint little town that does it's business just like Yuma - from November through March, they court the snowbirds. The primary businesses are 1) pharmacies; 2) dentists; 3) optomotrists; 4) liquor stores; and 5) trinkets...throw in a few restaurants, pack them all into about 4 city blocks, and you have Los Algodones. Having been in many border towns, we found this one to actually fun to walk around in. No pressure, and lot's of clever lines to hook the touristas (not the same old "step inside, take a look").

Unfortunately, it's a sad commentary on our medical/insurance system. Prescription drugs at a fraction of the cost in the USA. Eyeglasses for $40. The same with dental work. We know people who are full-timing that come here just for these services, since they don't have insurance.

We did end up buying some stuff: a t-shirt, a new stained glass window for the rig, and some Mexican pastries. I think I'm starting to feel retired: the t-shirt says it all!

Tomorrow, we're outta here! Time to start making our way east, to the land of Texas, where we will have some warranty work done on the fifth wheel, and where we will become citizens. Then we'll continue northeast to Indiana to the Carriage factory for some additional items on the "fix-list", before heading back to Colorado.


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  2. Remember to drop by The Saltlick in Driftwood, TX, for some tasty BBQ and Rod's favorite Cole Slaw!! Miss you.

  3. Mmmm, mexican pastries! Luckily I know where the mexican supermarket is here in Denver now so I can get them.

    That's crazy about the healthcare thing. I wonder how legal that is for US citizens.

  4. It's kind of cool that you can pick up items to add to the trailer along your route. That stained glass window will remind you of the beginning of your adventure, I'm sure.

  5. Rod and Donna,
    Congrats on your retirement and your new RVin life. I am looking forward to reading your blog and seeing where your travels take you. Take care!


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