Friday, March 23, 2007


#1. On Monday, we took the rig in to get the dishwasher repaired. It had leaked the first time we used it last year, so it has been inoperable. The dealer fixed it, tested it twice, and we were all happy. Left the dealer in Kyle, TX, and headed up into Hill Country.

#2. Used the dishwasher today. It worked fine until the rinse cycle. Then it leaked...and leaked...and leaked. I spent about 3 hours removing carpeting from under the counters where the water had gone. We don't need no stinking mold! I called the dealer and gave him the bad news. I also told him to call Carriage and tell them that when we came in on April 23, they could remove the dishwasher, and put the oven back in. Enough is enough, 0 for 2 tells it all.

#3. While the dishwasher was running, I was writing volumes in the blog. When I stopped to bail water, we lost the Internet connection, and my writing was lost. As Homer Simpson says: "DOH"!!!

Mid-afternoon, we decided to leave for a while. Found a Costco AND a Sam's Club in San Antonio, and got some provisions. Thank goodness for the Garmin - I'm not sure how I navigated before I got it! Tomorrow we're heading over to Kerrville. I'll get the blog caught up tomorrow evening with the lost entries.

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  1. Yeah, that GPS was the perfect thing for you guys to buy before starting your adventure!


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