Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Under the Oaks

Bluebonnets in bloom everywhere!

The pond across from our campsite

Our Coast to Coast resort here in Sattler is great. It's situated in the oaks...and our rig is parked under a big oak. I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will. Being under the oak is great, as it provides shade on the roof. But there are pitfalls! Several small branches were touching the roof; no big deal so we thought. Of course, we were wrong: branches touching roofs are highways for critters! Specifically, ants...lots of them. They started showing up a few days ago on the ceiling in the bedroom. We had a rainy day, and the branches drooped more paths. Pretty soon the little buggers were everywhere. I got out my trusty Klein pliers and did some tree trimming yesterday. Hehehe, no more paths, so we think (and hope!) they are thinning out inside.

I finally got Donna's recumbent bike fixed. Somehow the handlebars loosened up, and a simple tightening wasn't doing it. I had to take the whole fork assembly apart. Anyway, she's getting lessons (from me) on how to drive it. Totally different from a regular bike!

Interspersed in the oaks are cedar trees. I'm going to forage for some wood for's supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday, so maybe I'll head out after this is posted. We are definitely in the relaxed mode now. Either that, or I'll have another adult beverage...tough choice!

We are at this park until Monday, then we head for Livingston. After that, we head NE for Indiana. We'll be back in Colorado in May for doctor's appointments and to see family/friends.

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