Saturday, February 17, 2007

No Free Lunch

OK, it sounded like such a good deal! We're entering Arizona, land of the snowbirds...with no reservations and full RV parks. We had stopped at a rest stop, and a man gave us a flyer and a 1 minute spiel. Get 3 nights and 4 days at an RV resort - all you have to do is listen to a 90 minute presentation. We call, get booked, and settle in, knowing we will turn the "offer to join" down. The offer was to join Western Horizons, a private RV park network. The network and program is similar to the one we already belong to, Coast to Coast. It was a good presentation, and actually sounded like something we could use, so we try and negotiate the price. We tell them we're new retirees (take mercy on us!). They won't budge, neither will we. So we tell them no thanks, but thanks for the 3 nights.

A couple also staying in the park approached us later in the day, and told us they were going to sell their rig, and do more cruising, as they just weren't RV'ing enough. They would sell their membership to us, at about 1/4 what a new membership cost. Whooo-hoooo. Then they found out the bad news - Rod and Donna would have to pay transfer fees, mumbo-jumbo fees, red tape fees, new contract fees, etc., which would elevate that great price to that of a new membership. So everyone ended up being frustrated. Since we really weren't in the market for another membership, no big deal.

Today we did get our next month of reservations booked in our existing network. Early next week we will be moving down to the Yuma area, and will stay there through mid-March.

We moved up to Mesa today (near Phoenix) since the Yuma area is booked out this week. The temperature was in the high 70's. Tomorow it may hit 80. T-shirts and shorts!!!


  1. Its cold here, color me jealous!!!!

  2. Hi Donna, Denver has hit a new record of 60 plus days in a row with snow still on the ground. I have all my Santa blocks done, now it's sashing time. Miss ya. Barb


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